Nails are a beautiful way to show your personality. You can design them however you want and whenever you want. Nails can be short or long, either way, they  must be treated well for them to grow healthy and beautifully. It is important to keep good care of them for the nails to look their best, that's why the tips below will help you guide your nails to a better condition.

Want to keep your nails healthy? No problem! The following tips wuill help you grow your nails healthy and strong.

HYDRATE: To keep the nails in a healthy condition, before going to bed rub some petroleum jelly on the nails to restore back the moister they've been craving. (make sure to rub the jelly every night on BARE nails)


HOUSE WORK MUST: To keep the nails from breaking or getting weaker again, protect them when doing house work. If washing dishes, make sure to wear gloves so no water softens up too much or no chemicals touch them. As well as mopping or cleaning any other part of the house, make sure to wear something on your hands to protect the nails. This tiip also helps to make the skin on your hands softer and healthier.


STRETCH THE MANICURE AFFECT: To keep the nails strong and orevent them from breaking often, apply a top coat everyday to strengthen the nails and give them a more permanent shape.


EGGS AND MILK DAILY: Boil 1 egg and drink milk daily. These 2 products will do wonders to your nails as both of them are rich with zinc, and zinc is an important mineral to keep nails strong and healthy.


FILE YOUR NAILS CORRECTLY: Many people believe that the right way to file your nails is by going back and forth but that technique is BAD FOR YOUR NAILS. It is a lot healthier to file them in one direction.


INCLUDE 3 TYPES OF POLISHES IN YOUR MANICURE ROUTINE: The first polish should always be a base coat; it will create a barrier between your bare nail and the next coat of nail polish. After applying the nail polish of your choice, be sure to apply another coat but this time, it will act as a top coat to prevent chipping and making the previous coats last longer.


AVOID ACETONE BASED NAIL POLISH REMOVERS: Research shows that acetone is a terrible chemical for nails causing them to dry terribly. If your nails are dry, they break very easily. Try to use moisterizing nail polish removers.