This website will guide you to learn fantastic techniques about beauty. Whether it's hair or make up, we can help you look your best! Beauty is important to every woman that's why it is important to know the best ways to achieve perfect results!  


5 Minute Make up Tips:

Want to look beautiful but have no time in the morning? NO PROBLEM! Here are a few tips that will make 'getting ready' so much easier.


-HYDRATE!: First step to beautiful skin is drinking lots of water during the day! be sure to consume at least 8 glasses sof water DAILY. 


-CLEANSE AND MOISTERIZER: Cleanse your face twice a day and be sure to moisterize after each wash. Healthy skin is the key to beautiful skin.


-CONCEAL: Conceal any dark circles, imperfections, and red spots (especially under the eyes, mouth and around the nose)

*optional- powder your T-zone with mineral powder for better blending and a better looking finish.


-CURL AND MASCARA: Curl your eyelashes with your favourite eyelash curler, and apply a coat of your favourite mascara to achieve a natural look. 

*optional- apply a second coat right after the first (to avoid clumpiness) to achieve a more dramatic effect.


-STAIN IT!: Apply a small amount of lip stain on your cheeks and blend immediately. Add a little bit on your lips too, for a natural glow 

*optional- add a dash of gloss for a natural shine.


Quick tip!- to touch up your look during the day, make sure to blot your T-zone with blotting paper to absorb excess oil!


Makeup can be lots of fun to play around with if you know what to do. It is important to know the right techniques because the right ways can lead to the perfect desired result. Makeup can look beautiful though if not used properly, can lead to poor results. When using make up, responsibility is a must, especially when using make up brushes. It is extremely important to clean the brushes after each use and deep clean after at least one week. Make up brushes are like a broom, they both collect bacteria and after a while, it can spread on other plaeces causing infections and irritations to the skin.