I have been using Ambi products for years to even out my fair complexion and get rid of spots on my face and hands. It helps to get rid of signs of aging on face, neck and hands - even legs. Using lemon juice first (if you skin can stand it) helps to remove lines and prepares skin for the Ambi. I just started using the moisturizer with Sunblock and so far no break-outs! Boy am I happy.I am also using this routine on my upper chest and cleavage to get rid of weathering and creasing - and it works but requires persistence. If you top this off with several minutes a day of facial exercises (find them for free on YouTube) be amazed at how you can not only stop but turn back the clock.My friend, a very beautiful woman with a dark complexion and darker acne scars tried this routine twice a day. It's supposed to take about 2 months, but those scars that she had since HS (20 years)were GONE in 4 days. Sounds too good to be true, but it really happened. If you get back in the sun without sunblock it will ruin all of your hard work. I put on my spray Neutrogena block last week and got a migraine that lasted for hours. No negative reaction at all with this product. The price is EXCELLENT. And I love not having to go to the store and hunt around for what I want.

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