I have always been into beauty and makeup and believe me I've made my number of mistakes. So I bought this book to assist me in affirming many of the things I do and to learn more about applying make up that will look good on me as an Asian. This is a great book for beginners. It hit on a lot of things like taking care of your skin, different products to use with different makeup type etc, but I already knew this and it was good that she showed you how to do the different looks too. Another plus is that she had a costume makeup in the back of the book which I thought was interesting.I did have a couple of issues thou because I have what is called a single eye lid (like the majority of Asians out there) that folds over my eyes instead of inwards so I don't have a crease and the author did not address this issue I don't even know if she mentioned it also all of her models had double eyelids where their eye lids creased inward. It would have been nice to get an Asian who didn't have a double eye lid surgery... Also I always thought that if you have small eyes (like me)you use the lighter shade closer to your eyes and darker on the outside going towards the brow to make it look bigger, but she didn't do it this way. She mentioned a lot of the technology and strives of the makeup industry, but I guess there is still more to learn. So, I'm going to stick with what I know, but incorporate some of her tips. Overall ok so if you want to look over it I would recommend checking it out at the library first.

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