Shamboosie is the ONLY hairdresser on the planet that I allow to touch my hair. This is not an exaggeration. The man knows what he's talking about and what he's doing. I loved this book. Before I read it, no matter how hard I tried, my hair would break off when it reached 4 inches in length. I asked myself if it could be true that most of the blame was in the "no-lye" relaxers and the wrong products. You can take it from me...everything he says in this book is true. (And I wasn't totally convinced until my hair grew so long that it reached the middle of my back) My hair looked GORGEOUS in the Mrs. America Pageant. (I was Mrs. New Jersey)Do yourself a favor and buy this book for yourself and anyone you know and love who's tired of wasting money on weaves, curling irons, grease and the other tools of the trade. It'll be the best investment you've ever made in your appearance. See my hair for yourself: Look at the back of the cover of my new book PRAYERS FOR THE WORKING MOM: 7 SECRETS TO PHENOMENAL SUCCESS.That's really my hair!No weaves.Absolutely no "no-lye".No inferior products in my house, let alone my hair.And the hair grows and grows.

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