Rona Berg has done a credible job with this large volume of work detailing beauty treatments for your body, face, hair, etc. She also tries to do something that most beauty experts won't attempt and that is to give you actual brand names of products that you can go out and buy. I also found the layout to be very good. It's easy on the eyes and you can quickly find what you are interested in learning about. Those are all pluses.A minus is if you are a woman of color. She tries... she really does to address some of the specifics of women of color but it's woefully lacking especially about hair. I have Asian friends that have lots of issues that weren't addressed as well as African American friends that could not follow the advise given in this book because it would either damage their hair or just plain couldn't be done. I am not sure how Rona should have addressed such broad topics but maybe disclaimers would help. She does however give nice tips for what she does include that might be viewed as traditionally African American such as braids. Her info is right on but there's so little of it and at least 4 or 5 more pages would be needed to tell enough to someone that was trying to find enough not to do something foolish. It can be used as a nice reference book but understand you may have to do further research on some topics because they just aren't covered in enough detail. All in all I am not sorry I bought the book it's worth the money.

Minnesota Raven voted 0/5

Tags: beauty