This sponge is the best one I have ever used. It is great for blending concealer, and especially for blending around areas like your nose or eyes. I originally read about it in a magazine, and pre-ordered it from amazon as I couldn't find it anywhere else. The price point is a little intimidating, but after having used it for a few months, I believe the excellent quality makes it a good value.A few notes about using the cleanser - it doesn't come with this particular item, but is offered by amazon:The cleanser is dispensed from the bottle by gently pushing the sponge down on the pedestal (exactly like the picture, you just push down and a small amount of cleanser is dispensed directly on to the sponge. Although generally I wouldn't buy cleanser this expensive, I am happy that I have it. It has a very light lavender fragrance and is gentle and soy-based. You don't need very much (about the size of a dime, which is what is dispensed if you use the bottle as directed) if you are cleaning your sponge on a regular basis. If you haven't cleaned it in a few days you might need to repeat a few times, but eventually the makeup will all come out.Overall, I am very happy with this sponge and will be buying more as gifts for friends and family. I would recommend buying the 2-pack if purchasing from amazon, as it's a better value, and you'll have an extra one for travel, or to alternate between the sponges if you don't feel like cleaning them all the time! I did notice that the beautyblender website sells this sponge & cleanser combination for a lower price than amazon (plus shipping though), so you may also want to shop around a bit before making this small investment!

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