I've only been searching for seriously about 4 years for a sheer, moisturizing lip color with no toxins and no strong smell, and FINALLY my dream has come true!I can't stand the super strong peppermint smell and tingle in Burt's Bees lip color, and their Super Shiny lip gloss is 99% clear shine and only 1% color. The 100% Pure brand has some okay stuff, but it was always too sheer or too pinkish in color and WAY too expensive. Then I tried some lip gloss from Alba only to have my husband tell me my lips smelled like a public restroom from the super sweet baby doll vanilla scent they decided to ruin that product with. I had all but given up, but now, now at long last somebody has figured it out!!...A sheer lip color that is just as moisturizing as chapstick (I used to use the 100% natural Chapstick Lip Butter) and with just the right amount of color and NO TOXINS and no strong smell!!!! Perfect for when you're pregnant or nursing or just don't want a bunch of dyes and parabens in your body and don't want to go around smelling your lips all day. This stuff is so perfect it can totally eliminate the use of plain chapstick and become your all-in-one lip product. Oh happy day!!! :)Buy it, buy it now!!! (They also have it at Kroger for $6.99 a tube)(Oh, and I guess I should describe the Rose color... It's a perfect neutral um well rose shade. I have brown hair and eyes and pale skin, and anything too warm or cool looks weird on me, so I have to have a neutral color, and this is perfectly neutral. And it's sheer enough I think it would work for just about anyone.)

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