This thing works. All the attachable add ons are cool. It just seems to be the best thing out there. Why go out and buy multiple curlers when you can get it all in one. It only takes a few seconds to change from a regular curling iron to a spiral, and back again. It allows you to change your hair styling tool to fit what you want to do with each section of your hair. They recommend you let the iron cool before changeing tips but almost every household has something like a oven mit that allows quick changes. All this sounds so great right. The problem is the same with this curling iron as every other multiple use item out there. While they do work, they just don't do a great job. My girlfriend used this iron to style her hair for christmas. She's been wanting a spiral iron so I got her this. Within Ten minutes she was complaining about the curls starting to fade. Within a few hours they were a thing of the past. With her normal curling iron (another conair) the curls stay with her all day and often beyond. If you have little or no space to keep an iron and only use it once in a great while for a evening date, this would be a great little tool to have around. If you are looking for the first iron for a young girl this would be great too. For someone that styles their hair often and needs it to hold, I suggest getting something different. On the up side its a conair product and they tend to last for several years even under rough use, so if you get one and hate it its going to be around for awhile.

just me voted 0/5

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