I recently was diagnosed with rosacea and this has turned out to be the best cream for calming down my skin without irritation. It does seem to help fade the redness, but as we are talking about blood vessels, it can only do so much. It isn't going to make dilated blood vessels, ie long term damage disappear. No cream can do that - you need a laser to rid yourself if old damage and redness. But it does handle new flares of redness very well. When I use this at night, my face is definitely paler and more normal looking in the morning - unless I have eaten something that creates a flare up.I love this cream. Very well priced, and it does what it says it will. Eucerin is a company I have always trusted, and they have come through again. This cream moisturizes well with just a dab, so a jar lasts a long time too.I hate rosacea.

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