I bought 4 hair style books and about 6 magazines. This book is the best because of the reasons listed below. - There are many styles, more than sixty. A few of them look pretty the same but most of them are beautiful, useful and look professional. - The pictures are large, eye-catching, and printed on glossy paper. They show many details. - Each style has more than 10 pictures that show you how to do it step-by-step. Consequently, it's very easy to follow. In fact, this book is the easiest to learn how to do it from the BEGINNING to the END. All the other books show me only incomplete steps with 6 pictures. As a result, I had to make many guesses during the process. - The price is unbeatable. - It's easy to follow but not easy to achieve unless you're a stylist. If you are not a professional, you'll need help and it will take time. At least, the book gives you the ideas. Well, if you want a professional look, you must have the basic knowledge. I bought it for my friend who is a stylist. She's very happy with it. It's the BEST that MY MONEY CAN GET. We need more book like this.

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