In this world I see more and more people getting back to basics, shying away from perservatives, and this book is filled with home remedies and recipes to help you. Many are tried and true passed down from generations. I will admit I am a bit skeptical on the pine cone bath, gathering the pine needles and cones, boiling and putting in the refrigerator for 13 hours, I do appreciate the warning of the stickiness that may occur... I think I'd rather just sleep outside than to go to that trouble.Most of the other ingredients are eggs, honey, witch hazel, baking soda, all quality recipes to help the individual do it themselves. The author has a good website with a lot of the basic information and some recipes also.I keep forgetting in the kindle if you like a recipe, use the bookmark feature to bookmark once, then you can use the "go to" feature later. A working TOC is a better feature imho.

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