If I had rated this iron right when I got it, it would have been a 5 star - it gets super hot (which I need with curly, thick hair) and gets hot FAST. It's also silky smooth and really glides through your hair - love the cord feature which allows for ease-of-movement. The downside is that since I've had it (1-2 months) the purple coating is totally coming off...and I'd suspect in another few months it will be really bad. I'm not sure if this is do to the product that I wear on my hair - might be - but I can't give it 5 stars when the coating started coming off immediately. Also, the iron doesn't have auto-shut off. Granted, it didn't advertise that it did, but I haven't purchased an iron in the past several years that DIDN'T have this feature so I took for granted that it did. If the coating wasn't coming off and it had auto-shut off, it'd be the best iron ever! That being said, I love the iron so much that I would buy another one when the coating comes off - for the money, it's the best iron I've ever had and I've had many!

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