This book provides a nice introduction to organic cosmetics that you can easily prepare at home. It starts out by explaining all the reasons why home-made cosmetics are much healthier for you and how your skin benefits from natural ingredients only.The book contains many beautiful pictures and the recipes are well written so they are easy to follow.With each recipe there is an explaination about the specific benefits for using it.The only flaw that I found though is the list of the cosmetic product suppliers. First of all there aren't any websites, which I believe in this day and age is an absolute must. And when I tried to research the companies over the internet I couldn't find any of them. So that left me with the question where in the world I could get a "cream or lotion base" from, which is something many of the recipes call for.But over all it is a very nice book!Reading it makes you want to jump right into mixing your own cosmetic line.

Lilac Lily voted 0/5

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