This is a great book. I've had mild acne since my teens and I'm now in my twenties and the information in this book has made a huge difference in how I deal with my skin. My skin would probably be completely clear if I wasn't so lazy about it. (Sorry, I procrastinate a lot)But this doesn't mean that the recipes aren't effective. As it is I'm only getting pimples during PMS. I love the sesame oil. The adzuki bean & barley powder grain wash is amazing. You can feel a difference right from the first use. My skin used to feel very dry when I washed it and get very oily quickly. Now it's balanced most of the time and it doesn't feel tight or slick with oil. It's so soft too. I've seen huge results even with my inherent disinterest in doing this kind of thing for myself. So sad, love to research, hate to actually do it. If you have skin, this book is a necessity. The recipes are also very gentle. I also have sensitive skin which gets red at any excuse and I have had no problems at all. Get this book no matter what kind of skin type you have, it covers everything from hair, face, to body to diet. I love the washing bag idea. It keeps the skin very smooth and wrikle free since you exfoliate gently twice a day (at least it says you should) Very complete. Highly recommended.

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