This cleanser is the best on the market. The bottle lasts many months. One small squirt is all you need, once or twice a day. I massage this into my skin without water then rinse. It suds up when rinsing and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean.I had to go to my skin Dr., 45 minutes away, and pay almost double what I paid on Amazon- for this face wash. My Dr. discontinued it with her own mix. Hers doesn't compare to this product! The Drs. "mix" left my skin feeling dirty and dried my face out horribly, which clogged my pores which led to pimples. Pimples at 50!! I was thrilled to see JM products available through Amazon so I immediately ordered 2. These bottles will last me well over a year. My daughter uses this product and also ordered 2. It smells like stinky feet...(just so you know).The only thing I would recommend is that you use a good moisturizer after washing. I use Jan Marini moisturizer with sunscreen. My skin loves it and has recovered nicely from the Drs. "mix".

Lynn G. voted 0/5

Tags: oily skin