I have combination skin and I tend to be prone to black heads. I have been on a mission for great skin care products that are parabean free and made with organic ingredients. I absolutely love this whole USDA organic line. It can be hard to find in the stores as most places just carry the original juice beauty line and not the USDA line. Anyways, at first when I tried in on, I thought oh boy I am going to be an oily mess, but it absorbs into your skin leaving your skin feeling amazingly moist and healthy. I noticed a big difference on the little white bumps that are always on my chin and I actually had less black heads and my dry spots went away. I have used this product now for a year and a half and I will continue to use it as long as they keep making it. I also highly recommend the matching face wash. I doesn't remove makeup well but it really improved my complexion. Now, If only I could find a great eye moisturizer!!!!!

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