One of the Finest Books available, A MUST HAVE for any Aspiring Make Up Artist. MUD is by far the LEADING Make Up Artistry Authority / Education in the US. If You have to buy ONE book, make it this one!!A complete and thorough presentation of the basics of Make Up Artistry. I think the book has a very strong delivery of information that only requires a person to follow along and practice. Great attention has been given to every facet of Make Up Artistry, I loved learning about the history of make up as well as the questions and answers as a reinforcement at the end of the chapters.Do your own research and you will come to find that when Make Up Artists talk about Education, MUD is continually regarded as "The Top". This book gives you an insight into MUD's education. Obviously, not everyone wants to be a Make Up Artist, but if you do want to have a much better understanding of color (colour) and presentation and beauty through the use of make up, this is the book for you!Hope you enjoy as much as I have.

T. Klausen voted 0/5

Tags: beauty, make up