I've never written a review for a product but this stuff is AMAZZZINNGG. I've tried literally EVERY foundation out there. You name it, i've tried it. Most made my skin oily, or looked too cakey, or stuck to dry patches, or looked orange, or rubbed off after an hour or ect ect you get the point.this. is. the. best!it is water based so yes it is a little runny. make sure you shake the bottle well. It is VERY light coverage, but you can build it up to get medium coverage. i know when i say "build it up" that scares some people away because it sounds like you have to cake it on, but honestly this stuff is so watery and light coverage that even after 3-4 layers you can't tell you have foundation on! If you have like major pimples or something you need to cover you're going to need a concealer or a more coverage foundation. i find this foundation is best for evening out skin tone and hiding some discoloration.The first time i ever used this foundation was in the bathroom at my job haha i had bought it at sephora before work and wasn't wearing makeup that day so i thought, hey, why not. Even without a primer and applied with my fingers with no powder to set, it STILL looked good! If you use a good primer and set it lightly with some powder add some bronzer/blush and BOOM you are fabulous. Seriously, buy this stuff :)Also, i have combination skin. I've found that some foundations make my already oil-prone skin even MORE shiny, but this foundation does not do that. It is also water-proof. Perfect for summer!

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