This is by far one of the best facial cleansers I have ever used. And trust me, like most women, I have used plenty.While it doesn't appear to do much at first, it does a lot over time. When I use this facial cleanser day and night my skin stays perfectly clear all the time (even during those beautiful times of the month).The smoothness of this product is really nice and I love the tiny,gentle exfoliating beads as well.Make sure you know your skin type, though. I had used the Oily/Combination skin cleanser from Mary Kay as a backup cause I had ran out of my Normal/Dry skin cleanser and the Oily/Combination cleanser made my skin feel very tight and rather dry. When I use the Normal/Dry skin my skin looks and feels perfect though.Could not be happier:)

Allison B. voted 0/5

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