LOVE IT! It's a foundation, concealer and a sunblock too. It's long lasting but you don't even feel it after putting it on. I'm the kind of person who likes to look good with the least efforts and discomfort. The heavy makeup and cakey powder is just not for me. My face looks brighter after putting on the BB cream and you won't even know I have anything on my face. I also dab a bit more on my dark circle and blemish then I look flawless - naturally. You would think I have very good skin. The only drawback is the color of the BB cream is a bit too light for my skin tone. I'm an Asian female with medium skin tone. Now I mix it with my lotion then it looks ok on my face. I might put it on directly like using a liquid foundation then add some powder matching my skin tone for special occasions. Anyway, love it but just wish they have more different colors to choose from.

H. Kiang voted 0/5

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