I've bought a number of natural beauty books, and this is one that I use again and again. The recipes are simple enough to put together in 10 minutes, which is very important to me--I know it's lazy, but if a recipe takes too much prep work, I usually won't fit it into my schedule. Another thing I like is that the recipes are in small batches; I can try them out without wasting a lot of expensive ingredients if I decide I don't like the recipe (and because they're natural, they're less likely to do natural things like grow mold or go rancid before I'm done using them). I've had no problem finding all of the ingredients on the web--it would be hard to shop for them in a grocery store. The author gives you enough guidance to start as a beginner, with lots of encouragement to try out your own adaptations.

Judy B. voted 0/5

Tags: beauty, skin, do it yourself at home