I've been using these cloths for several years now and even though I occasionally try another brand I always come back to these. I've always washed my face in the morning but my night-time ritual was definitely not the best - I would usually just take a damp washcloth at night and wipe off as much makeup as the washcloth could remove. Not too good for the skin, as you can imagine.Then I tried the Olay Facial Cleansing Cloths and I can proudly say I do a much better job of washing my face every night. I wet the cloth, wash my face using both sides of the cloth, then throw it away and use a washcloth just to rinse the soap off my face. The instructions say to rinse out the Olay cloth and rinse your face with that, but I just can't convince myself that I will rinse all the soap out of the cloth so I just use a washcloth.I don't have particularly sensitive skin but I do prefer the texture of the Sensitive Skin cloths. It lathers well and removes my long-lasting foundation with no problem. I do use a separate eye makeup remover first to get the waterproof mascara off so I can't really say how well these cloths would handle that, but they never leave me with raccoon eyes so I can only assume they do a good job of removing anything left by the eye makeup cleaner. After I'm done my skin feels clean but not tight - just right in my opinion. The faint fragrance is pleasant and doesn't linger.I have tried the already-damp kinds of facial cloths, and although they are more convenient they just didn't seem to do as good of a job as these Olay cloths do. I highly recommend these cloths.

C. Slasor voted 0/5

Tags: cleansing, beauty, sensitive skin