Amazon rocks! I have purchased millions of items on Amazon and have never left a review until now.I LOVE this Pond's product and I received it only yesterday!It has a luxurious silky fee to it along with a lovely, but not overpowering, fragrance. It immediately absorbs into the skin without leaving a sticky or greasy film. I couldn't wait to try it so I rubbed a dab of it on a small spot on the back of my hand and I swear, I saw an immediate improvement in the size and color of the dark spot! It might be all in my head, but after applying to my face and neck before going to bed last night, this morning the dark spots seemed lighter. I've tried two products before this Pond's product and didn't see any real improvement after months of usage. Nuetrogena corrector did nothing after using 4-5 tubes and Roc seemed to make the spots darker for some reason. Another added bonus of this product is that it makes a great base for your makeup.Try this if you are looking for something for your dark spots and/or uneven skin tone! You'll be pleasantly surprised just like I am. Did I say I just love it?

Rebecca Sordia voted 0/5

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