I had only moderate hopes when I bought this, and WOW am I impressed! The curls it creates are amazing, and they hold like curls never have before! I have fine, straight, long hair. Normally, my curls will fall flat within a few hours, even WITH hairspray or other products. These curls held ALL day, with NO products, on the first try! I'm honestly a bit baffled, because I never thought that was a possibility for my hair. I don't know what it is about this iron/wand that does the trick, but I'm ecstatic!I bought this iron because my husband bought the Remington Pearl rollers for me a while back. That was one of the first appliances to really curl my hair, and I've tried everything. Based on that and the price of the wand (cheaper than the rollers) I had to give this a try, despite all the burn warnings I've seen in reviews. I'm not a professional by any means, (and I'm rather clumsy) but I've used this wand several times without incident. I AM, however, accustomed to wrapping my hair around the barrel of regular irons, so I didn't have any difficulty getting used to that. I have yet to burn myself, because the wand never touches my skin. I can see how if it did, however, it would result in some nasty burns, especially on higher heat settings. Be careful, ladies! I also have yet to wear the glove that comes with this. I tried the lowest heat setting the first time I used it, and it worked perfectly, so I don't feel the need to turn it up. I think too often people decide to crank the heat settings as high as they will go, without testing first. This wand will reach 410 degrees, and I don't think that's necessary for most hair types. Start at the lowest settings, and work your way up. If you've never wrapped your hair this way, DEFINITELY wear the glove, especially if you use higher settings. So far, I don't need the glove, and doubt that I ever will. If you're having problems maneuvering the wand or burning yourself, try practicing with it off. Might help.The wand is super lightweight, easy to maneuver, and works better than any curling iron I've ever owned. It heats quickly, works quickly, the buttons are well placed/made (I don't accidentally turn the iron off) and you can "lock-in" the heat setting so you can't accidentally change them while curling. Also, my hair doesn't have that strange burned smell it always has with other irons, including ceramic ones. I just can't say enough good things about this wand. I'm so thrilled with it! The only complaint I could voice about this is the lack of a protective heat-resistant sleeve to put it in after use. All things considered, though, I can't really complain much about that! HIGHLY recommended.

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