I picked up this book at my local Borders store and, after skimming through it, I became instantly hooked at the way it engages the reader in the complex topic of self-achievement of the perfect manicure and pedicure. I have always been a fan of doing my own nails and hardly ever visit a salon; however, I had never achieved such wonderfully clean and professional results until now. With glossy photographs and an easy to read layout, nail expert Ji Baek has given us the "secret" to always having the most glamorous-looking hands and feet.Originally from South Korea, Baek was a musician who eventually got a condition in her fingers which precluded her to continue playing. It was then when she launched herself into research for her dream of becoming a "nail stylist" (of sorts). She runs the "Rescue Beauty Lounge" store in New York City, and has her own brand of nail polish, bath line and tools. Thanks to the step by step instructions, which are accompanied by excellent graphics and photos, one can finally say good-bye to the days of ugly looking hands and feet, as Ms. Baek's new book, "Rescue your nails" is the surefire ticket to fantastic, self-made manicures and pedicures. Throughout it, there are discussions on color theory, tools of the trade (including a very practical shopping list), suggestions and considerations for choosing a nail spa, as well as Ji's very own, proven program for NBA (Nail Biters Anonymous).A few things that I picked up from the book go from Baek's insistence in sterilization of the tools after each use, even when the usage has been at our own home - the idea made me run to my own manicure-pedicure kit and sterilize it right then and there (something, I'm ashamed to say, I had never done before); to the attention to detail and thought behind every color of nail polish in her line, with one in particular called "Underwear", that instantly caught my attention and cannot wait to try - a neon white which can be worn alone or underneath other colors to "spark" their brilliance in a unique way.As I get familiar with performing all the right steps to perfect manicures and pedicures at home, I am keeping the book next to my kit in the bathroom, since I do not want to miss any steps when performing them. The author claims in the cover that she can save the reader up to $1,080 per year in nail care. I have tried the techniques and they feel - and look - extremely professional. As for the savings, well... it is just an added bonus.

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