I am a self confessed beauty product junkie. Having tried dozens, if not hundreds of foundations, tinted moisturizers, concealers, etc over the years, I can finally at 30 years old stop the search, because I have found my holy grail of skin cosmetics in Skin 79 Beblesh Balm. Here's some information about my skin type so you can compare before you purchase:1. I am a fair skinned caucasian with both pink and yellow undertones. My skin tone is best describes as neutral fair ivory.2. I have almost no sun damage as I do not go tanning and avoid the sun. My only sun exposure was when I was in my teens and early 20's and stupidly used tanning beds for a few weeks here and there. I do not desire a tan, either, which is important to note if you want to use this product because it has whitening agents and spf 25.3. I smoked for 12 years before quitting 2 years ago and have tiny fine lines under my eyes. Other than that the only wrinkles I have are expression lines on my forehead.4. I have oily, acne prone skin, though I keep it in check with Duac and Retin-A micro.5. Despite having oily skin, I get dry after cleansing and must use a lightweight lotion (Cera Ve).6. I have eczema, also held in check with proper moisturizing. I tend towards having sensitive skin.7. I am extremely diligent about washing my face every morning and night, completely removing all traces of makeup.The reason I outlined all of that for you is because it is important to take note that this product WILL NOT fit every skin type and tone, and it is not intended to. It is designed for Asian skin, and in most eastern cultures having fair, untanned skin is highly desirable, unlike western cultures where everyone spray tans to death.That being said, this product applies like a dream: creamy, balmy, but not greasy. At first appearance it may appear to have a gray-ish cast, but that quickly dissipates after being blended into skin. I do not use this as a moisturizer, but instead use my Cera Ve a few minute before applying and allow that to absorb before applying this. This evens my skin tone out perfectly, although I do need to use a little concealer under my dark circles.To my fourth point above, I do have oily skin, and this product is designed to control oil. I set it with Maybelline Shine Free loose powder and have noticed a substantial decrease in the oiliness and shine of my skin.Now, onto my biggest rave of this product. In addition to leaving my skin flawless and beautiful while I'm wearing it, my skin is actually improving after I take it off! I started noticing this effect after about 2 weeks of using the product almost daily. I did not anticipate this effect; indeed, it is what inspired me to write this review. The expression lines on my forehead are actually noticeably diminished, my pores appear tighter, and my skin is baby soft and smooth. Now, I do use Retin A micro and I exfoliate a few times a week with a polishing brush, but I have never noticed this kind of effect with any other cosmetic product. I have an overall glow and any little marks that I had due to old acne are disappearing too. I attribute that to the whitening agent in this and the face that there are so many natural ingredients.A little side note-BB cream was actually developed to help plastic surgery patients heal post-opt. It allowed them to blend their scars away while healing. That should tell you something.Sorry for the long review, but I felt it was important to point out that this product can and does work miracles for the right kind of skin type and tone. If you have extremely dry skin, this may not work for you. Skin 79 offers different formulas that are designed for different skin types; you can check their website for more detailed information. If you have olive or tan skin, or plan to use tanning beds/go out in the sun/spray tan, this is not the right thing for you. Also, if you are not diligent about your skin and do not wash it off at night, I do not think you would get the same effects I have. It really is a cosmetic and needs to be applied to clean skin in the morning and removed at night. I suspect that it would be easy to think of this as a lotion and not bother washing it off.Overall, I truly love this product and can't wait to explore other Skin 79 products. I honestly hope they never bring this to market in the US because it seems like whenever a cult product overseas comes to the US they have to change their formulas and they end up nothing like the original (I am thinking of Ellnet hairspray as one horrible example). I will continue to order for years to come, although I don't anticipate having to do it often since you get such a generous amount in this lovely little package!

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