This is one of the best written, do-it-yourself makeup books out on the market. No elaborate tricks, no special lighting, no hard-to-find products. No cookie cutter look of the same color makeup applied to different women.This book will quickly and easily help you find the best makeup products and colors based on your age, hair and skin color.PROS* It takes you step by step, from skin care, to picking the right foundation, to getting perfect brows, to the 5-minute basic make-up routine that is great by itself and/or becomes the basis for more other looks (black tie, holiday, vacation, wedding).* Only 3-7 beauty products are needed, usually available at your local drugstore or department store.* There's a complete list of recommended products in back - each with a splurge ($$$) or inexpensive option ($). It would be useful to know about this up front instead of finding it in back by surprise as not everyone would read the book all the way though.* There are wonderful pictures and how-to instructions to follow specifically for redheads, brunettes or blondes. For light skinned, Asian, mocha skinned, dark skinned, or olive skinned. For teenagers, and for women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s (grey hair). Special looks - smoky eye, retro, bronze goddess, jewel tones.* For each section, there are tips and a list of makeup products/ colors to achieve the look shown.* The book more than pays for itself as you get specific product recommendations based on your coloring from a top makeup pro. Don't panic - the colors suggested sometimes look unusual (pearly highlighter, eggplant eyeshadow, light peach blush) but once applied they look great and very natural.CONS:* The routine is so simple and the list of best products so small, it's almost minimalist, but it works! You might see all the makeup you bought in the past (and barely used) and regret it.* There seems to be a look for anyone and everyone, so a lot of it won't apply to you. Nonetheless, there are useful tips throughout - as well as wonderful pictures - it's worth reading it all the way through.* There are no "before" pictures, although the makeup is so natural looking that you don't notice the makeup, you just see that each woman looks great.In all, a great buy if you're looking for simple makeup routine that's easy and inexpensive to duplicate at home.

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