This book is a keeper for its reference on what nutrients are needed for beauty, and is well-organized into what you need for various aspects of beauty (hair, nails, skin, etc).I have found over the decades that what I eat (or ingest) influences my appearance more than anything. Beauty comes from the inside out. I am glad to see that there is a nutritionist writing about beauty that knows this is the case.I have read numerous books on nutrition, even wrote one myself, but still found several new gems and tidbits of information, such as the fact that nail health correlates with the strength of the bones, the necessity of cysteine in the diet for hair, and the link between B12 and gray hair. There are plenty of beauty tips throughout, such as the necessity of using slightly acidic topical treatments and making a facial mask of egg whites and strawberries. She also dispels myths, such as eating gelatin for stronger nails.At the back of the book are plenty of recipes for eating the "10 Top Beauty Foods" that Lisa recommends.Lisa uses Demi Moore as an example of someone with healthy, shining hair. But I wonder if she knows that there is more to Demi's diet than just nutritious food: She eats a mainly raw food diet. Eating raw is one way to get maximum nutrients, as well as avoid the inflammation that often accompanies cooked food.

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