I was really happy to see that a book had been written that not only explained in detail about the how and whys of hair, but also didn't give me a bunch of information that I didn't need (or want). It got right to the point, as a pocket guide should. It being a pocket guide, is wonderful, because although I have been known to carry large purses, I in no way want to become a "bad lady" and have to carry heavy items in it, so taking it along with me, was very easy! I have permed hair and I am talking a lie based relaxer-that a beautician by the name of Felecia Burnett (Fidels,ATL-I live in STL and travel to her!) did-great job girl, but the information in this book has helped me so much,especially because I wear scarves on my head everyday-and I had no clue about the fabrics-thank you mrs. jude!!!!I don't really like homemade hair care, but i did try a few of the recipes and I actually liked it(deep moisturizing conditioner. The cover is beautiful and the pictures are great too!loving it from St. Louis, MO.!

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