The Green Beauty Guide is engaging and extremely informative. The link between toxicity and poor health is only beginning to be fully exposed, and this book makes a firm case for a change in lifestyle. It's obvious that Julie Gabriel has spent much time in research mode, and the guide provides a great deal of scientific context. The material is comprehensive and arms one with the tools needed to make changes in personal care routines.As a (former) 15-year subscriber of Allure beauty magazine with an insatiable appetite for any mainstream beauty product, I felt increasingly liberated as I made my way through this book. It enables me not only to purchase with confidence from integrity-filled companies, but the ability to master my own creations. Don't be the victim of unregulated chemicals! Take control of your health and make educated decisions regarding your skin. Many of the beauty products on the market are made by companies with business standards- the final goal being profits, not your optimum health. As Ms. Gabriel points out, never "assume that people who make it have only good intentions in mind."

S. L. Felix voted 0/5

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